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Bill has been practicing law since 2004 and has been the founder and owner of The Law Offices of William P. Harrington, Jr., ESQ. since 2012. Bill's client-centric approach places special emphasis on the fact that behind every client's file is a human being who may be living through a challenging time.

Our office handles many types of cases throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey, obtaining millions for our clients in personal injury settlements, debt reduction and more. Our clients are people first, not case files. Clients contact us when they are scared and trying to take control. If you are looking for a lawyer to represent your case, contact our Law Office today. There is no obligation and your first consultation is absolutely free.

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Our mission is to help our clients get their lives back, whether dealing with financial difficulty or recovering from a car accident.
Attorney William P. Harrington, Jr., ESQ.
William P. Harrington, Jr., ESQ.

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Over the years our clients have had wonderful comments about their experience with our practice.
August 22, 2023
Settled a debt for 8% of the amount owed. Highly recommended.
August 15, 2023
Very informative and patient.
August 8, 2023
Top notch, knowledgeable, and professional attorney!
April 15, 2023
A complex case and I could not be happier.
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Woman on the phone sued for credit card debt

Are you being sued by a credit card company or debt collector?

Credit card companies may sue a delinquent consumer if a payment has not been made within 180 days or the credit card company believes they have no other option. Sometimes a debt may be sold to a collection agency, which are often more persistent and less forgiving.

United States consumer debt

According to recent consumer debt data from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Americans' are carrying nearly $1 trillion in credit card debt for the first quarter of 2023. Pennsylvania is ranked #33 in the country with an average credit card debt of $6,620 at the end of 2022. New Jersey ranks #3 in the country for credit card balances, averaging $9,044 per consumer while Maryland stands at #8 with an average credit card debt of $8,463.

What can you do if sued by a credit card company?

Do not ignore a lawsuit or attempts to contact you. Failure to appear in court may result in a default judgement issued against the debtor. Talk for free to our Credit card debt defense lawyers to find out how we can help you.

Average credit card debt in our service area:

  • New Jersey is #3 in credit card debt with $9,044 per consumer
  • Pennsylvania is #33 in credit card debt with $6,620 per consumer

What can our Lancaster County Law Office do for you?

Credit Card Debt Litigation Defense

Knowing how to respond to lawsuits brought by credit card companies can mean the difference between saving or paying quite a lot of money. In most cases, we can save our clients thousands of dollars by expertly defending against credit card company lawsuits, or when warranted, negotiating a settlement.

Estate Planning

Despite the unsettling nature of contemplating death, it is crucial to proceed with drafting your Estate Planning documents, as this is the sole opportunity for you to personally make these significant decisions. When it’s too late…it’s too late.


When a loved one becomes unable to handle their own affairs, either because of an injury, illness, or aging, the Courts can appoint a Guardian to act on their behalf. However, becoming a Guardian is an endeavor that necessitates the Courts’ approval. Our office can assist you in navigating this complex process, and position you for success.

Estate Administration

Losing a loved one is undoubtedly a difficult period for anyone. If you find yourself appointed as the Executor of their estate, the responsibilities can become even more overwhelming. However, our office is here to provide comprehensive support throughout the entire Estate Administration process, providing comfort during this difficult time.


With debt, there comes a point where “a lot” becomes “just too much.” In these cases, you may want to consider Bankruptcy. It is a complicated and time-intensive process, but can ultimately mean a path towards becoming debt free. An experienced attorney can expertly navigate this complex, time-intensive process.

Car accident in Lancaster County

Were you or a loved one involved in a car accident?

Being in a car accident is a frightening experience for everyone involved. Victims often get over burdened with expenses from medical bills, missed time from work, and continued care. Before you accept the insurance companies offer, talk to a Lancaster Car Accident Lawyer and get the most amount of compensation possible for your injuries.

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Are you considering Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

It is vital to speak to a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy attorney before you file. Our law firm has handled thousands of cases and has the experience to minimize your losses as you work to get a fresh start in life. Financial difficulty is more common than many people think and our office will provide you with the assistance necessary to get out from under the heavy burden of debt.

Decades of experience fighting credit card companies, debt collection, and big insurance companies.

If you are in debt or have been injured in a car accident, contact us today to find out what our Lancaster County Law Firm can do for you.

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