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Choosing the Right Car Accident Lawyers for Your Case

When you're faced with the aftermath of a vehicular collision, selecting the appropriate car accident lawyers can be pivotal to the outcome of your case. It's essential to partner with auto accident attorneys who possess the acumen to navigate the complexities of personal injury law effectively. At WPH Law, our team of car accident lawyers and personal injury lawyers provides a robust representation that's both skilled and empathetic towards our clients' plights. Our law firm offers a free consultation to assess the merits of your claim and chart the best course of action.

Understanding Car Accident Law and How a Skilled Lawyer Can Help

Car accident law encompasses the legal rules that determine who is responsible for the personal and property damage resulting from a traffic collision. This area of tort law is primarily governed by the principle of negligence. At WPH Law, our experienced team of personal injury lawyers understands the complex nuances of accident law, ensuring that your rights are upheld. When an individual fails to exercise a level of care that a reasonable person would under the same circumstances, they are considered negligent, which is a critical component in any car accident case.

Insurance policy claims can often become contentious, as insurance companies may attempt to minimize the compensation owed to you. Our capable car accident attorneys possess in-depth knowledge of injury law and utilize this expertise to secure fair settlements for our clients. Dealing with insurance after a car accident can be overwhelming; however, having a seasoned car accident attorney on your side can significantly simplify the process. The role of a car accident attorney is to navigate the complexities of insurance laws and accident law to ensure your insurance claim is handled justly, advocating zealously for your best interests.

In sum, when you're involved in a vehicular incident, a trusted car accident lawyer from WPH Law can guide you through the legal labyrinth, from interpreting your insurance policy to representing your case with fervor. It's critical to have a devoted car accident lawyer, who not only understands the intricacies of insurance and tort law but is also committed to securing the compensation you deserve.

A car accident can turn your life upside down in an instant.

Our goal is to win the maximum compensation to help you recover from medical bills, ongoing care, lost wages, and future potential earnings. Talk to a Lancaster car accident lawyer about your case at no cost or commitment.
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What to Expect After Being Involved in a Car Accident

In the aftermath of a cara accident, there is confusion, stress, and concern for the health and safety of those involved. In this highly stressful time, understanding the steps to take can be crucial. If you're not at fault, you're likely entitled to lodging an accident claim. Generally, this is where your search for skilled car accident lawyers begins. WPH Law, includes attorneys proficient in navigating the complexities of car accident law, playing an instrumental role in helping clients manage their claims.

The period following a car crash can involve a series of legal procedures, each vital to the integrity of your case. You can expect your car accident attorney to delve into the accident, gathering evidence and witness testimonies. During this time, an insurance company may reach out to settle, a motion where accident lawyers advise proceeding with caution. Proper legal representation ensures that all communications align with your best interests, especially since an accident claim can include negotiations for compensation regarding damages and injuries. Should the case escalate to court, your car accident attorney from WPH Law stands ready to advocate on your behalf, utilizing a deep understanding of car accident laws to strive for favorable outcomes.

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How Car Accident Attorneys Assist Accident Victims

Following a vehicle collision, car accident attorneys are central to navigating the complexities that accident victims face. At WPH Law, our team of personal injury attorneys specializes in providing a thorough understanding of the legalities surrounding personal injury cases resulting from auto accidents. Accident victims can anticipate meticulous legal assistance, as we strive to obtain the compensation they deserve for accident injuries endured. With a focus on Philadelphia car accident law, our skilled personal injury attorneys guide clients through the often-overwhelming claims process.

Accident attorney services at WPH Law include a diligent evaluation of your case, advising on the best course of action, and representing accident victims with tenacity. A free consultation is the first step towards justice, allowing personal injury victims to understand their rights without initial financial burden. A seasoned accident attorney will explore all avenues to advocate for rightful compensation, considering both immediate and long-term effects of the accident injuries. Personal injury claims handled by WPH Law prioritize the welfare of accident victims above all else, meaning that clients receive compassionate and dedicated support throughout their legal journey.

Whether it’s navigating the intricacies of Philadelphia car accident laws or negotiating with insurance companies, our auto accident attorneys are committed to serving accident victims with excellence. WPH Law firmly believes that every accident victim deserves to have their voice heard and their personal injury acknowledged, securing the compensation necessary to facilitate a more stable and hopeful future.

Filing Accident Claims with the Help of a Car Accident Attorney

When facing the aftermath of a car accident, the process of filing accident claims may seem overwhelming. Here at WPH Law, our expert car accident attorneys are well-versed in navigating the intricate pathways of accident claim procedures. By enlisting a skilled car accident attorney, you ensure that your claim is articulated with precision and that you are positioned to recover the maximum damages allowable by law. A car accident can leave you grappling with not only physical injuries but also substantial financial strain from medical bills and lost wages. Our car accident attorneys understand the urgency of securing just compensation and work tirelessly on your behalf.

WPH Law's commitment to our clients is reflected in our diligent pursuit of their claims, making sure every car accident is met with the appropriate legal strategy. Whether negotiating with insurance companies or representing clients in court, our car accident attorneys are tenacious advocates for your rights. Engaging the services of WPH Law’s auto accident attorneys can significantly alter the trajectory of your accident claim, ensuring that calculations for damages are thorough and equitable.

Each claim is unique, but the common goal remains: to facilitate a fair settlement that reflects the true extent of damages sustained. Trust in the adept hands of WPH Law’s car accident attorneys to guide you through the complexities of your accident claim.

Navigating Insurance Company Negotiations After an Auto Accident

After an auto accident, one of the most critical stages is dealing with the insurance company. At WPH Law, we understand that navigating through insurance negotiations can be a daunting task. Each auto accident case brings a unique set of challenges, and handling the insurance company requires a strategic approach. Insurance companies often aim to minimize their payouts, and without savvy negotiation skills, one might find themselves disadvantaged. We prioritize our client's interests, ensuring that the insurance company acknowledges the full extent of your auto accident-related losses.

Whether it's your insurance or the at-fault party's carrier, you need a team that comprehends the intricacies of insurance law. WPH Law's auto accident attorneys bring an arsenal of experience to advocate on your behalf. We'll manage all communications with the insurance company, allowing you to focus on your recovery. Our commitment is to facilitate a fair settlement that reflects the true cost of your auto accident damages.

Remember, after an auto accident, entrust your claim to the skilled hands of WPH Law. We'll bolster your position in insurance negotiations, countering any attempts to devalue your rightful compensation. Your insurance claim is more than paperwork; it's your path to financial recovery, and we're here to guide you every step of the way, ensuring the insurance company meets its obligation to you.

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We know the stress and frustration that accident victims face after a motor vehicle accident. We offer a no-obligation, completely free case review to answer your questions and put your worries at ease.
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Calculate Your Damages: Recovering Losses with a Car Crash Lawyer

When you’ve been involved in a car crash, understanding the full scope of your entitled compensation can be complex. At WPH Law, our expert car crash lawyers are adept at meticulously calculating and advocating for the recovery of all damages incurred. Recovering from accidents is a multifaceted process, and securing maximum compensation demands a comprehensive approach. Our seasoned attorneys possess the nuanced knowledge required to maneuver through the dense landscape of insurance negotiations after an auto accident, striving to ensure you receive every ounce of compensation you deserve. The role of a proficient car crash lawyer extends beyond simply filing accident claims; it involves an astute assessment of the accidents' impact on your life, which translates to quantifying physical, emotional, and financial damages. From lost wages and medical expenses to pain and suffering, WPH Law guides accident victims through each step toward recovery. Navigating through the intricate corridors of insurance company tactics demands a strategic and informed response, which our attorneys at WPH Law are prepared to provide. Allow us to be your trusted law team in this critical time as we diligently work to recover the damages you have sustained from the car crash, reinforcing your path to compensation and restoration.

Identifying Recoverable Damages for Accident Victims

At WPH Law, we understand that the aftermath of car accidents can be a tumultuous period for accident victims. Our experienced car accident lawyers are dedicated to ensuring that you fully comprehend the extent of recoverable damages, integral to securing the compensation you're entitled to. Accident victims often face an array of injuries, which can necessitate considerable medical treatment, often leading to hefty medical bills. However, identifying all possible damages is critical to the process of recovery.

Our tenacious team at WPH Law assists accident victims in calculating these damages, which could range from tangible economic losses, like medical expenses and lost wages, to non-economic damages that are often harder to quantify, such as pain and suffering. As your auto accident attorneys, we're committed to an exhaustive evaluation to ensure that no component of your claim is overlooked.

Moreover, the path to compensation frequently involves contending with insurance companies. Filing accident claims involves a meticulous assessment of the accidents' impacts, which WPH Law navigates expertly. Negotiations after auto accidents can be daunting; hence, our skilled lawyers stand by your side, relentlessly advocating for your rightful compensation. Injuries incurred from accidents demand a comprehensive strategy designed to recover damages, and that's precisely the methodical approach that WPH Law provides to the benefit of our clients.

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Common Types of Motor Vehicle Accident Cases Handled by Lawyers

At WPH Law, our skilled team of car accident lawyers has extensive experience representing clients in a diverse array of motor vehicle accident cases. Understanding the unique nuances of each vehicle accident type is crucial, and our attorneys have developed proficient strategies for tackling these accident cases with precision. Among the many accidents our lawyers are prepared to handle, car accidents stand as one of the most frequent scenarios we encounter, where the need for seasoned legal representation is paramount.

Accidents on the road can manifest in multiple forms, ranging from minor fender-benders to catastrophic collisions. Each accident lawyers on our team at WPH Law is equipped to dissect the complexities of your case, diligently working to ensure that your rights are protected. Due to the frequently overwhelming nature of accidents, having accident lawyers who can navigate the intricate legal system and insurance company negotiations is vital.

Gleaning from our previous discussions on how car accident attorneys aid in accident claims and calculating damages for accident victims, our lawyers at WPH Law place significant emphasis on identifying recoverable damages and proving fault in car accident cases. Collecting evidence is a critical step in this process, and that's where our car accident law firm excels. Trust in the capable hands of our lawyers to advocate on your behalf with unmatched dedication and expertise.

When to Contact Personal Injury Lawyers After a Car Accident

After an auto accident, the moments can be chaotic and overwhelming. It's crucial to know that contacting personal injury lawyers should be a priority as soon as you're able to do so. Navigating the aftermath of accidents without legal guidance can lead to missed opportunities for recovery and recompense for injuries sustained. Personal injury attorneys are well-versed in the nuances of car accident law, which is vital for accident victims seeking justice and compensation. Whether it's minor or severe injuries, the expertise of car accident attorneys can be instrumental.

If you've been involved in a car accident, car accidents attorneys like those at WPH Law can provide the support and representation you need. They assist accident victims through the complex process of filing accident claims, dealing with insurance company negotiations, and ensuring that all recoverable damages for accident victims are identified and pursued. Car accident lawyers understand that each accident case is unique, which is why they are meticulous in collecting evidence for your car accident law firm to use in proving fault. Having a skilled lawyer can make a significant difference in the success of your injury claim.

Moreover, your trusted auto accident attorney at WPH Law will help calculate your damages, including losses that are not immediately apparent post-accident. When it comes to injuries, from whiplash to more severe cases, car accident attorneys are equipped to advocate for your full legal rights. Remember, after an auto accident, reaching out to a car accident lawyer promptly ensures that the preservation of crucial evidence and timeliness of your claim align with the statutes of limitations. Accidents can disrupt lives, but with the right legal team, the path to compensation and recovery becomes clearer.

Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Accident Statistics

The tables below compare accident statistics between 2022 and 2021 in Pennsylvania. According to the 2022 PennDOT Crash Facts and Statistics Report, 2022 saw a decline in accidents, injuries, and fatalities.

Pennsylvania Crash Facts and Statistics

ACCIDENT STATS 2021 2022 Change
Reported Crashes 117,899 115,938
Total Injuries 69,599 67,012
Serious Injuries 5,122 4,751
Minor Injuries 35,412 34,894
Total Fatalities 1,230 1,179

Pennsylvania Accidents by Type

FATALITIES 2021 2022 Change
Pedestrian 182 184
Motorcyclist 226 217
Bicyclist 24 15
Commercial Truck 156 164
Alcohol-Related 311 320
Speed-Related 285 268
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We know the stress and frustration that accident victims face after a motor vehicle accident. We offer a no-obilgation, completely free case review to answer your questions and put your worries at ease.
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Maximizing Compensation with Help from Car Accident Lawyers

When it comes to navigating the aftermath of a car accident, victims often find themselves overwhelmed with the complexities of securing fair compensation. This is where our car accident lawyers at WPH Law step in to provide crucial legal support. Highly rated and adept at handling a wide range of car accident cases, our team prioritizes the interests of drivers who’ve suffered due to others' negligence. Understanding that compensation is not just a financial necessity but a means to justice, our car accident lawyers vigorously fight for the rightful compensation due to our clients.

It's critical to engage car accident lawyers early in the process to ensure all damages are meticulously calculated and substantiated. Our attorneys at WPH Law possess the acumen to identify recoverable damages, assess long-term impacts, and build robust claims. The pursuit of compensation extends beyond immediate costs and accounts for medical bills, lost wages, and other pecuniary and non-pecuniary losses drivers may incur. By leveraging their expertise, WPH Law's car accident lawyers adeptly navigate insurance company negotiations, aiming to secure a compensation package that reflects the true extent of our clients' losses.

Involved drivers who've experienced a car accident are encouraged to seek legal counsel promptly. WPH Law is determined to provide the comprehensive legal assistance necessary to optimize the compensation awarded to car accident victims.

Exploring the Full Scope of Personal Injury Attorneys' Services

At WPH Law, we understand that the aftermath of accidents can be a trying time for victims and their families. This is why our team of dedicated personal injury attorneys commits to providing a full scope of services designed to address the myriad challenges that arise following such unfortunate events. Personal injury law spans various scenarios where individuals have sustained injuries due to the negligence of another. Our lawyers' expertise is not limited to just car accident law; we cater to all types of accidents, offering robust support to those in need.

Whether it's a slip-and-fall incident or a complex auto accident, WPH Law's injury lawyers work tirelessly to ensure that every client receives the compensation they deserve. We assist accident victims in navigating the legal processes with the goal of maximizing their recovery. From filing accident claims to negotiating with insurance companies after an auto accident, our car accident attorneys are well-versed in the intricacies of personal injury cases.

We aim to calculate your damages accurately, identifying all recoverable damages to enhance your potential settlement. Proving fault remains a pivotal part of our legal strategy, as our lawyer meticulously collects evidence, including that which fortifies your claim. Handling a wide array of motor vehicle accident cases, our lawyers are prompt and strategic when it's time to contact a personal injury lawyer immediately following an accident. Trust in WPH Law's personal injury attorneys to champion your cause, allowing you to focus on healing while we manage the legal hurdles.

Dealing with Uninsured Drivers: A Car Accident Lawyer's Strategy

When you're involved in an accident with an uninsured driver, the path to receiving just compensation can be fraught with obstacles. WPH Law's highly experienced car accident lawyers possess the strategic insight to navigate these complex legal scenarios. Our attorneys understand that insurance policies are a critical safety net, yet when an uninsured driver causes an accident, victims may feel hopelessly trapped in uncertainty. With WPH Law, accident victims receive guidance on maneuvering through insurance policy complications to ensure their rights are protected.

An accident with an uninsured driver doesn't negate the possibility of claiming compensation. Our car accident lawyers exercise meticulous strategies to analyze the policy details that might permit coverage under your own insurance. This approach requires an in-depth understanding of the intricacies of insurance law – an area where WPH Law excels. We work diligently to ensure that every accident victim's policy provides the maximum benefit available, lessening the financial burden of an unforeseen accident.

When dealing with uninsured drivers, consult with a WPH Law car accident lawyer promptly. WPH Law's team supports accident victims in identifying recoverable damages and assists throughout the accident claim filing process. Our car accident attorneys are committed to proving fault, even against an uninsured driver, and are relentless in collecting evidence to solidify your policy claim. Trust WPH Law's adept car accident lawyers and their customized policy claims strategy to safeguard your interests after an accident with an uninsured driver.

The Importance of UM and UIM Coverage in Car Accident Law

While navigating the complex terrain of car accident law, it's essential to understand the role of Uninsured Motorist (UM) coverage and Underinsured Motorist (UIM) coverage. These critical aspects of your insurance policy can serve as a safeguard in the event of an accident with an underinsured or uninsured driver. A proficient car accident lawyer from WPH Law can enlighten you on how UM and UIM coverage can influence the outcome of your case. Under car accident law, if you're struck by a driver without insurance—or insufficient insurance—a car accident attorney can utilize UM/UIM policy to pursue compensation for your losses. It’s the insurance coverage that stands between you and potentially devastating financial consequences. At WPH Law, we emphasize the importance of reviewing your insurance policy with a knowledgeable car accident lawyer to ensure your coverage meets your needs. When you're involved in a collision, having a car accident attorney who's skilled in navigating insurance company negotiations is indispensable. Furthermore, understanding the nuances of car accident law and your policy coverage can be pivotal in recovering the damages owed to you. Our law firm is adept in filing accident claims, calculating damages, and maximizing compensation through proficient coverage analysis. Remember, the right car accident attorney is pivotal in dealing with uninsured drivers and optimizing your policy benefits under the law.

Understanding the Importance of Hiring an Attorney for a Car Accident

When confronting the aftermath of a car accident, the decision to enlist the services of a skilled accident lawyer is paramount. At WPH Law, we comprehend that each car accident case embeds unique intricacies of law that require professional legal interpretation. Hiring an attorney who is well-versed in car accident law enhances the likelihood of securing a favorable outcome. A proficient car accident attorney from our firm can navigate the daunting terrain of filing accident claims, ensuring that every step is meticulously executed in adherence to relevant laws. An accident lawyer serves not just as your advocate but as an advisor who comprehends the fallout of an accident and its resulting complications.

Car accidents frequently involve negotiations with insurance companies, which can be complex and typically necessitate a seasoned accident lawyer's intervention. Our attorneys integrate their rich knowledge of law to craft compelling case strategies, aiming to maximize your compensation. Collecting evidence to prove fault is a fundamental aspect of any accident case, and at WPH Law, our attorneys are diligent in building a robust claim.

Moreover, our accident lawyers realize the profound impact personal injuries have on victims. We're committed to standing alongside accident victims to identify recoverable damages, meticulously calculate losses, and push for rightful restitution. Our law firm's adept handling of UM and UIM coverage issues demonstrates our commitment to deliver comprehensive legal support, regardless of the accident scenario. By hiring an attorney following a car accident, you effectively harness the compounded expertise of WPH Law to guard your interests, ultimately striving for a just resolution to your case.

Benefits of Working with Experienced Car Accident Attorneys

When navigating the aftermath of an auto accident, the benefits of working with experienced car accident attorneys cannot be overstated. Engaging the services of proficient car accident attorneys, particularly those from the Philadelphia car accident sphere, ensures that you're backed by local expertise in Philadelphia law. This is pivotal given the unique traffic statutes and case precedents that exist in Philadelphia. Lawyers at WPH Law have a stellar rating for delivering tailored legal solutions to those affected by auto accidents.

Philadelphia lawyers, through their intricate understanding of law in the context of auto accidents, are adept at maneuvering the complexities involved in filing accident claims. Working with these lawyers facilitates a smoother navigation through insurance company negotiations post-auto accident. The law is intricate, particularly pertaining to auto accidents, but with the right Philadelphia car accident attorneys, you’re empowered to effectively calculate your damages and initiate the recovery of losses. By identifying recoverable damages for accident victims, an experienced lawyer champions your right to just compensation.

The role of car accident attorneys in proving fault and collecting evidence is indispensable. They approach each case with an analytical eye, thoroughly preparing for litigation if necessary. Understanding when to contact personal injury lawyers, and exploring the full scope of personalized services they provide, is another benefit that shouldn't be overlooked. Experienced Philadelphia car accident lawyers like those at WPH Law are committed to maximizing your compensation and making the law work in your favor.

Tackling Complex Car Accident Cases with Skilled Lawyers

When facing the aftermath of complex car accident cases in Philadelphia, the guidance of skilled lawyers is indispensable. Navigating the intricate legal terrains of Philadelphia car incidents requires the expertise that WPH Law offers. Our lawyers possess the knowledge necessary for addressing the multifaceted layers of accidents with professional precision. Whether you're contending with the fallout of an accident or evaluating your case's merits, our lawyer team's proficiency stands as your beacon. With our firm's adept handling of cases, filing accident claims transitions from daunting to manageable. We at WPH Law understand the gravity of accidents and the vital role a lawyer can play in safeguarding your interests. A Philadelphia lawyer experienced in accidents serves not only as your legal representative but as a tireless advocate for your just compensation. Furthermore, each car accident lawyer at our firm is adept at navigating insurance company negotiations, ensuring that your voice is heard following an accident. With each case, our lawyers meticulously calculate your damages and identify recoverable damages, fully comprehending the nuances of Philadelphia's legal landscape. Should you find yourself or a loved one involved in a Philadelphia car incident, trust in the seasoned lawyers at WPH Law to provide the robust representation and strategic litigation you deserve.

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The Role of Car Accident Attorneys in Proving Fault

When a client seeks representation after an auto accident, it's paramount to identify and prove fault, a crucial step where skilled car accident attorneys come into play. At WPH Law, our accident attorneys understand the nuances of accident law, ensuring that every client receives top-tier legal assistance. In accidents where liability is contested, our lawyers employ a methodical approach to develop a compelling narrative supported by evidence. To successfully prove fault, a car accident lawyer from our firm meticulously analyzes accident reports, witness testimony, and physical evidence. A car accident lawyer's expertise is vital, particularly when accidents result in serious injuries, necessitating a deeper understanding of the legal complexities involved. WPH Law's lawyers are well-versed in challenging insurance company narratives and asserting our clients' positions. Navigating the aftermath of accidents demands a tactical approach by seasoned accident attorneys, and our lawyers stand ready to assert your rights and interests. With adept accident attorneys on your side, filing accident claims becomes less daunting. Furthermore, our car accident attorneys are deft at calculating damages and identifying recoverable damages to ensure accident victims are justly compensated. In sum, WPH Law's car accident lawyers are key to proving fault and securing rightful recovery for those affected by accidents.

Collecting Evidence for Your Car Accident Law Firm

At WPH Law, we understand the critical nature of collecting comprehensive evidence when representing clients as their dedicated car accident law firm. Essential for an accident lawyer, evidence serves as the backbone of any case, enabling a clear narrative of the accident's circumstances. As meticulous accident lawyers, we endeavor to compile every detail, recognizing that our role expands beyond legal guidance. Our lawyers are proficient in sifting through accident reports, eyewitness statements, and medical records to construct a compelling argument. By investigating the scene of the accident, an adept accident lawyer reinforces the case with tangible proof, a crucial step that can't be undervalued. Each accident yields unique evidence that, once gathered, is examined rigorously by our lawyer team. As persistent advocates for justice, our lawyers assertively gather evidence, ensuring that no stone is left unturned. This thoroughness is intrinsic to our mission as a car accident law firm, serving accident victims with unwavering dedication. Filing accident claims relies heavily on the quality of evidence amassed; hence our accident attorneys' commitment to meticulous collection is paramount. Through negotiations with insurance companies post-accident, an informed accident lawyer from WPH Law can challenge disputations, leveraging the weight of gathered evidence. Our lawyers excel in calculating and articulating damages—a testament to the prowess WPH Law offers as your trusted accident advocate. Proving fault is intrinsic to our success, and we harness our legal acumen to identify all recoverable damages for accident victims. At WPH Law, evidence is not merely collected but strategically wielded by top accident lawyers in seeking rightful compensation after an accident.

Your car accident attorney will investigate the scene:

  • Gather related evidence, police reports, and videos or photos of the car accident scene
  • Obtain medical records and treatment for your injuries
  • Interview any witnesses from the accident
  • Build a event timeline of the accident
  • Secure expert witnesses and specialists who can support your case

Compensation that you may be entitled to:

  • Any medical treatment or future medical care
  • Lost wages from missed time from work
  • Any diminished earning capacity due to your injuries
  • Pain and suffering that were the result of the car accident injuries
  • Loss of consortium, or the impairment of the intangible benefits of a relationship

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